Wanderer I – Spain




illustrations I drew, inspired from spanish/catalunya culture and took a photograph of it with places I traveled in Spain on the spring of 2016

tools : Watercolour / Pencil coloured
camera : Fujifilm XT-1


The Patriot of Catalunya

Former Catalonia Kingdom, Now Barcelona and it’s vicinity – has been on Catalan self-determination referendum campain to be an independent country apart from Spain for years.
Catalonia has a very unique, beautiful and strong culture.


The twins of Barcelona

Founded in 1401 when six small medieval hospitals merged with tunnels to transport patients underground – which is fascinating quality of medical care for that era and was used as hospital untill 2009. Now it’s a museum – very breathtaking one. I was there with no expectation but it turned out one of the most charming place in Barcelona.


The aloja of Montserrat

Mount Montserrat is famous for it’s Monastery on the mountain and the unique mountain shape.

Every country have a tale about young beautiful girl living in the woods. Spain is not an exception




The nymph of Pyrenees

After 3 days in Barcelona. We drove almost 400 km to the tiny country of Andorra. With only 60,000 population and landlocked between France and Spain. Situated in the middle of Pyrenees. Andorra is not a very popular destination. But the view endless sea of mountain with little white snow on top is worth the journey


The parfaites of Carcassonne

Carcasonne is a medieval castle that looks perfectly dainty like those in fairytales. But it was used as a citadel, famous for its 53 watchtowers and double-walled fortifications. It’s literally a castle that is impossible to breach with swords and horses. It used to belong to the Occitania – known for it’s Cathar religion that cherished peacefulness, meditation, non-self- absorption and vegan. Later Occitania was
massacred to extinction by the Christian

In the women’s hand is the Cathar Cross.


Papillon of Toulouse

I was in south of France (Cascasonne) and missed good France food. So we drove to Toulouse the next day. I was on afternoon dessert killing spree when I came apon this quite canel, so sit there and I made her. Toulouse reminded me of the butterfly. I don’ know why. But there she is


The Siren of Girona

We took the Pyrenees path on the way to France but drove back on the Mediterranean path. The coast we drove through was called ‘Costa Brava’ or ‘The Brave Cost’. Situated there is a city of Cadaques. The quited beach town with crystal clear blue water and vivid sky used to be home for Salvador Dali, the famous surrealist painter